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that we love.


Use blocks like payment solutions, web bots and other small business systems

to build the business you love.

Idea Validation Block

Validate your business ideas quickly with a page builder designed to capture feedback.

Payment Solutions Block

An easy to install checkout cart you can place on any website, which supports all major payment methods.

Review Capture Block

Fully automate your review capture process in minutes.

Beta Blocks

coming soon

Virtual meetings

Combines online meetings with automated scheduling and payments.

Chatbot with live chat

Convert more visitors to qualified leads with an automated chatbot.

We have implemented several of MechBlocks Automation tools in our businesses. Between the Review Mech Automating all of our review's and their simple and easy payment solutions, we can't wait for them to come out with more Blocks in the future!

Dan Wilson

Crestward Capital 

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