What are

Blocks & Mechs?

Blocks are systems designed to automate a specific aspect in your business.

Mechs are a curated set of blocks that work together to power your business.


Pick and choose individual blocks to use in your business.


Get up and running fast with a curated set of blocks.

Individual Blocks

Building Blocks

that we love.


Idea Validation Block

Validate your business ideas quickly with a page builder designed to capture feedback.

Payment Solutions Block

An easy to install checkout cart you can place on any website, which supports all major payment methods.

Review Capture Block

Fully automate your review capture process in minutes.

The systems these guys develop and deploy to your business are incredible. I highly recommend these services for anyone looking to take their business to the next level. Simply Amazing!

Matt Williams

BIM Professionals 


Building Mechs

that we love.


Get up and running fast by using an existing Mech or building your own. We are busy testing out block combinations that you can use as a full Mech.

If you are looking to systemize your business with a collection of blocks, you've come to the right place.

Simply Lawn Systems

If you want to get up and running fast with your lawn and landscape company, this Mech is for you.

We have implemented several of MechBlocks Automation tools in our businesses. Between the Review Mech Automating all of our review's and their simple and easy payment solutions, we can't wait for them to come out with more Blocks in the future! It's like having a Roomba for your Business, silently doing the work of a bunch of people, in the background, allowing us to focus on the things that need our attention. Thanks MechBlocks! Keep up the great work!

Dan Wilson

Crestward Capital 

Other Projects We're Working On

My Lemonade Stand

Using Blocks to help kids start businesses.

Vehicle Films

Using Blocks to support the creation of art.

Not seeing the right Block?

If you don't see the right Block for your business, let us know.

Chances are good that we'll have what you need.

Mechblocks helped our company with an email ticketing system and it’s awesome!

Autumn Lucero